Private Falconry Lesson - Option 2

At our Falconry School we begin this lesson with an Owl Encounter. Our small Owls are the perfect introduction into flying Birds of Prey. These Owls are super cute, very photogenic and the do love an "Owl" selfie!

Your Falconer will then teach you how to recall a Harris Hawk from the tree tops to your gloved hand and send him back to the trees again. We work with you to ensure you get some amazing photo and video opportunities as you call the Hawk several times to your gloved hand.

We will then introduce you to one of our Falcons, one of the fastest moving creatures on planet Earth. Here the Falconer will demonstrate the aerial acrobatics of a falcon as he chases the lure. You will be able to watch the Falcon stoop, twist and turn as he tries to outwit the Falconer to catch the lure, sometimes moving at speeds in excess of one hundred miles per hour!

Duration: 1 hour approx.

Duration depends on numbers.

Suitable footwear and long-sleeve tops are advisable. To enter the Falconry school, children must be over 7 years of age. For further information, please look to our FAQs.

Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

For Corporate events, large groups over 10 people or Wedding entertainment, please contact us.