Private Hawk Walks

Your Private Hawk Walk will begin with an introduction into the Ancient Art of Falconry. The Falconer will brief you on its origins as you delve into a world you never knew existed!

You will then be taken to meet the schools entire team of raptors. First up will be one of our small Owl species. You will be taught about the species while you learn how to recall the Owl from perch to gloved fist in preparation for the larger species. Have your camera at hand as these Owls are super cute and do love an "owl" selfie!

Then you will be introduced to the Harris Hawk you are about to fly and discover about their unique personality. We then make our way to the flying area where the Hawk has plenty trees to fly from, here you will be thought how to correctly recall a Hawk from the tree tops to your gloved fist to feed and then to return to the trees. You will have the opportunity to do this several times and we will help you to get some great photos and videos on your mobile device.

Under supervision by the Falconer you will take the Hawk for a walk where the bird will follow you as you walk the beautiful grounds of Lyrath estate. Flying from tree to tree and swooping down to land on your gloved fist on command, you will discover how intelligent the species are as they allow you a glimpse into their world.

Duration: 1 hour

Our Hawk Walks run all year round!

All prices include VAT. Suitable footwear and long-sleeve tops are advisable. Children must be over 10 years of age. For younger children, please look to our Family Experiences.

Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

For Corporate events, large groups over 10 people or Wedding entertainment, please contact us.